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Recycled Rubber Tire Tile is a flooring product made of recycled truck tires. These recycled tire tiles are ideal for entry ways at high traffic areas like airports, commercial buildings, department stores, golf pro shops, etc where you require a low maintenance, highly durable product.

Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles is perfect for exterior installations where the weather can take its toll on flooring. Even when it is soaking wet, these tire tiles still retain its non-skid properties and ensures sure footing in the worst conditions. Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles stands up to the heaviest abuse. Recycled Rubber Tire Tiles can help clean the soles of your customers shoes or spikes by taking the heaviest traffic in stride while enhancing walking comfort and reducing foot and leg fatigue.

* Application: Internal or covered external entrances, factory-to-office doorways and passages, lift lobbies, sports clubs, etc.
* Construction: 100% recycled commercial vehicle tyres
* Color: Contrasting Grays
* Size of Tile: 12 inches x 12 inches, 25 tiles (25 sq.ft.) per carton
* Thickness: 3/8 inch
* Carton: 25 Tiles
* Price: $9 per sq.ft., $250 per 25 sq.ft.
* Installation: A solvent-free adhesive, or double-sided tape may be used to keep the tiles securely located under heavy foot traffic.
* Slip Resistance: Coefficient of friction, Dry >1, Wet 0.98 (per ASTM F1677). Exceeds ADA recommended ratings of .60 for flat surfaces and .80 for ramps
* Flammability: Radiant Panel, M3 (per NFP 92-506)

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Price $250.00